Word from the President - Pat Harrington

I want to thank you all for renewing your membership this year and I want to extend a warm welcome to our new members! The number one goal of the CHBC is to provide scholarships to high school seniors who are going to college. This is a mutual goal with the Cleveland Monsters. The five winners will split a total of $15.000. The top winner will receive the Matthew Castro Shlonsky Award. It is our goal this year to have a successful Awards Dinner. I’m asking each of you to come to the dinner, bring a guest, or your children. We will have several players, who and number, not known at this time. Farther along in the newsletter you will see the advertisement for the dinner. The final date for reservations is April 3, 2019. The committee has worked hard to keep the cost reasonable. The complete event will include appetizers, wine and beer, pop, dinner, dessert and gratuity and will cost $41.00. We added $4.00 to help with any unexpected costs so a member pays $45.00. We want you there to celebrate our scholarship winners, who have worked hard for four years to get to this point; and to enjoy time with the players, front office staff, and your hockey friends and family. We also will have raffle items available including a $500.00 wheel, children’s basket, a mini Brown’s helmet initialed by Myles Garrett, and other baskets and items.

REMINDER - Our March 12th meeting is at the Panera Restaurant on Tiedeman Road in Brooklyn 7pm

MEMBERSHIP NEWS - Diane Burns & Christine Uhrin

As of January 31st, the CHBC has a total of 96 registered members for the 2018-2019 hockey season.

Remember you can reach me at chbcmembership@yahoo.com with any membership related questions you may have!! See you at the arena and GO MONSTERS!!

Membership Packets are in the process of being mailed out to all new and renewing members, due to increased security measures the USPS has made some changes in how we can mail these type of packets out, this has caused a delay in mailing. With which I apologize.

Beginning January 1st, 2019, Christine Uhrin will assume the role of Acting Membership Chairperson.

From the Treasurer - Len Matlock

A lot of thought and planning goes into our booster club’s bus trips to watch our Monsters play on the road. We also have had trips in prior years to Columbus to take in Blue Jacket games. A lot of work has gone into making these trips happen, and our next trip is now just around the corner, and will take place on February second and third to Syracuse. Many thanks to all those (usually lead by our second vice president), past and present, who have taken charge using their time and energy to make our trips possible and successful. They have studied the hockey schedule and suggested dates for trips, solicited attendees, contacted bus lines and made reservations, worked with other hockey club’s ticket departments, and picked hotels and made reservations. To make our bus trips cost effective, they have had to ensure we had enough attendees. The bus cost is a fixed charge and normally it takes at least twenty-five attendees to cover the bus cost. Bringing along the right refreshments and raffle surprises on the bus is well planned in order to make the bus ride more enjoyable for everyone. As you know, the amount charged attendees covers the bus, game tickets, bus refreshments, and hotel rooms. Centered around all of this planning and financial considerations are the memories these trips bring to us, and this year should be no different.

My most memorable trip was to Chicago in April 2016. It was a fun game that the Monsters won, and oh, by the way, that was the night the guys clinched a play off spot. The players knew we were there, sitting in the corner near where they exited the ice, and they saluted us after the game as we cheered them on. The rest was history as the guys went on to win the Calder Cup in 2016! Little did we know when that April trip was planned months before that it would be the beginning of something special for hockey in Cleveland! You never know who you will run into during a game, and several booster club members reported stories that night of Monster players (who were scratched from the game) who came up to them in the stands or concourse and said they recognized them as fans from Cleveland. The players know when Monster fans are on the road to support them, and they do appreciate that! -Len

The Voice - by David Uhrin

You know Jasen Sokol! In fact a Monsters game at The Q just wouldn’t be the same without him. From player introductions, to goal and penalty information, and anything game related, as public address announcer, he’s as synonymous at the arena as the goal horn or our goal music. But do we REALLY know him? I recently I caught up with Jasen to learn a little more about the man...the voice!

How did you get into public address announcing in sports and what do you do for a living outside of being part of the Monsters hockey game day experience? My first sports announcing job actually came through my "real job" as a news/sports talk host at 1590 WAKR in Akron. We're a sponsor of the Akron Marathon Race Series, so I started announcing some of their races back in 2014. In 2016, I was hired to be the PA announcer for the Lake County Captains (I moved to on-field hosting duties last season). The cameraman there at the time told me about the opening with the Monsters last season, and I guess the rest is history!

Who all is in the announcers box with you and what are their roles? Jeff, our penalty timekeeper, keeps track of all penalties and clock stoppages. He also communicates with the official scorer, so he's the one who tells me who to give the assists to after goals. Bob, our timekeeper, operates the scoreboard and the game clock. Everything you see on the lower part of Humongotron (time, score, shots, saves, penalties) comes from him. When we're on TV, Celena serves as our timeout coordinator. She talks to the people in the TV truck to make sure they're back from commercial break before play resumes after official timeouts. Harry handles the home penalty box and the pucks, and Charlie handles the visiting penalty box.

Can you walk us through a typical gameday/evening for you? ie tasks you accomplish leading up to showtime? I usually get to The Q about 2.5 hours before game time. The entire game presentation team meets 2 hours before game time to go over the script for the evening, then I grab the pregame meal provided by the team. After that, I stop at the broadcast perch to meet with Tony Brown or the visiting team's broadcaster to make sure I'm saying everyone's name correctly. I'm usually in the box about 45 minutes before game time. My first announcement comes about 35 minutes before the puck drops, and then the show is under way!

What's the craziest thing that has happened to you on the job with the Monsters ? Not sure if it counts as crazy, but that time I gave a goal to a guy who wasn't even playing was pretty embarrassing! When the scoring line got called in, I heard the wrong number and wound up announcing that John Ramage got a goal when in reality he was sitting in the stands. He got traded a few days later too!

Whats the best part of your job with the Monsters.....and the most challenging? I can only pick one best part? It's the best job I've ever had! I know it might sound cliche, but the people make it great. The fans bring so much energy every night, and we definitely feed off that. The people I work with in the penalty box and on the game presentation team are amazing. As for the most challenging part, I'd have to say the commute! I live in Cuyahoga Falls and when it gets nasty in the winter the drive can get pretty interesting. I actually wound up sideways four times on the ramp from 77 to the Turnpike one night last season! It's all worth it, though.


visit Halloran Park for their first ever “Halloran’s Day of Hockey”. It's a day of hockey to celebrate diversity and gender equality in hockey. Which has our local Halloran Huskies (ages 8-17) players facing off with kids of the Columbus Youth Ice Hockey program. Games start at 12pm and will feature an all ladies game as well. Both hockey programs focus on giving inner-city kids a chance to learn and experience hockey that they may not ever have a chance to. 

For questions contact: Halloran Park at (216) 664-4187 for more info.