Word from the President - Pat Harrington

As of this printing we are hoping that someone will be willing to take over the Membership Chairperson position from January to May. Most of the work has been done and if the person likes it they might be willing to run for the 2019 calendar. If not, they do not need to run. This person will have the training and all the forms necessary to do the job.

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 9, 2019 for the Club’s Annual Awards Banquet. We need all of you to attend to help make the awards presentation a success. Our Clubs main purpose is to award scholarships to high school seniors going to college. We want these students to know that we honor and support them as they move forward in their college years and in life. The total awards this year is $15,000. The committee is busy looking for locations to hold the event.

Save Around Cleveland 2019 books are still available; we have 11 books left to sell. Cost is $25.00 and the Club makes $12.50. These dollars are needed to grow our 501c3 organization. This is a very good book this year and would make a good self-present or a present for someone else.


As of November 29th, the CHBC has a total of 89 registered members for the 2018-2019 hockey season. Of those 89 members, we have three (3) new members.

A warm Welcome to our new members, Justin Sterling, Jay Hillegas, and Karen Hillegas.

Membership Packets are in the process of being mailed out to all new and renewing members, due to increased security measures the USPS has made some changes in how we can mail these type of packets out, this has caused a delay in mailing. Thanks for your patience!!

From the Treasurer - Len Matlock

Last month in the newsletter I outlined the three primary ways our Club reaches out to help other people, and pointed out how tirelessly our Club members work all year with various fund-raising activities in order to bring funds into the Club, so that we are able to continue our out-reach. In the June Puckeater, I outlined the results of each of our fund-raisers from last year, and on top of the list was our scholarship dinner in April. We need to think ahead regarding our scholarship dinner next April. Through no fault of the Monsters, we will not have the players available to us at our next scholarship dinner. Having the players join us at the dinner over past years was an honor and a huge reason why many people attended the dinner. The Monsters organization has increased their generous donation for scholarships this year by 5,000.00. These additional funds are designated to go to the scholarship winners.

We are immersed in a new situation we have to deal with regarding the dinner next spring. How will the attendance be impacted? Will our scholarship dinner generate cash? Could it loose money? We don’t know at this point. As a Club, we are not in dire straits. We are a strong wellorganized organization. We have hard working wonderful members. We are still a not for profit charitable organization raising money 1) for scholarships, 2) to donate to other charities, and 3) to help youth hockey. We still love hockey. We will not lose our focus. We need to think now about how we can make a difference next spring.

This is the season of giving. In a month or two our Club will solicitate members about donations to other charities. Covering all of the costs of next year’s scholarship dinner goes a long way in generating funds for making those donations. The scholarship dinner is a fund-raiser. The price on the ticket not only covers the cost of the dinner, it builds in some additional funds. In past years, I have been asked if I thought the price of the dinner was too high for just a dinner. My response was that it is a donation. A donation to help others. You get to enjoy a nice dinner while helping others. If you can, please consider attending the scholarship dinner next spring. If you can, bring a guest with you.

Speaking of equipment , John Boblick has been collecting hockey equipment and that will be donated to the same program. The program is for City of Cleveland children and high school age students. Their goal is to have a City of Cleveland High School Club Hockey team. We wish them the best and we want to help them succeed. If you have equipment or a cash donation that you want to donate please let us know. Also, if your rink or team would like to sponsor a collection day/spot, please let us know. We are always working on ways to get the CHBC out into the community as well as support you as well. We all know the children would appreciate the support.